Department Vision

To be a center of excellence in the field of information technology that yields pioneers, research experts who can contribute for the socioeconomic development of the nation.

Department Mission

  • To impart state-of-the-art value based education in the field of Information Technology.
  • To collaborate with industries and research organizations and excel in the emerging areas of research.
  • To imbibe social responsibility in the students.
  • To motivate students to be trend setters and entrepreneurs.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To impart students with skills required to analyze real world problems using state-of-the-art engineering,mathematics, and computing knowledge.
  • To provide students with effective problem solving skills which enable them to research and develop solutions to meet public and private sector needs.
  • To prepare students with professional ethics, communication skills, zeal for lifelong learning and be adaptable towards emerging technologies.
  • To graduating students of Information Technology will be enriched with professional leadership qualities to excel in interdisciplinary domains.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge to pursue higher studies in specialization like Computer Networks, Software engineering, Data Analytics in reputed Universities
  • Develop professional skills in thrust areas like Image processing, Data mining,Networks,Embedded Systems and Information Security.
  • Contribute to the growth of the nation by providing IT enabled solutions.

Our Story

Tecstasy, a National Level Technical Symposium and the flagship event the Department of Information Technology at CBIT, has evolved along
with the department since its very inception.

TECSTASY a quest for knowledge and is an endeavor to build a center stage for sharing knowledge and learning among various academic insti
tutions across India. The participants form a rich mix of graduate and post - graduate students from leadingeducational institutes.

Tecstasy team is committed to provide an extraordinary perspective for educating the next generation of engineers in India.

Our technical programs present a global perspective in a variety of formats with each program designed to leave a lasting impact on students.

We bring together the best faculty, their research and papers in advance computer science and develop in cutting-edge tools and frameworks
to help technology transform their ideas into products and bring those products to market. If a student is looking for the learning opportunity,
it is the right place. Tecstasy invites prospective supporting partners to participate in promoting and enjoying the benefits of being an support
ing host of the executive programs to be conducted in March of 2015 . Team will be working with you to achieve great success for this and in a
future series of workshops in the region. It invites you to step forward and join in promoting a leading-edge education among building
Information Technology students. We anticipate that the cognitional program will be helpful for the future success of Indian students,
particularly as they emerge on the world stage.


In the past, IT department has successfully conducted TECSTASY successfully for a span of 8 years. It has since grown to massive heights receiving an     overwhelming response from students of all the leading institutes of the state.

  • In 2015 a guest lecture was given by Prof.Chithranjan Hota on "Data Analytics and Security".100+ papers received as a part of Cognos Event

  • In 2014, the highlight of the fest was a two day workshop on MOBILE PHONE HACKING & SECURITY where the students had shown keen interest
    in learning the concepts of hacking on the Android and iOS platforms.

  • In 2013, the fest was conceptualized with an aim to rejuvenate ideas and induce technical flavours in the students. Apart from the technical scope,
    the event also witnessed the participants getting exposed to semi-intellectual prospects such as YOUNG MANAGER (platform proving managerial
    skills), Online gaming contests, etc.

  • In 2012, Inaugurated by Mr. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, IT minister of A.P Govt., Tecstasy reached new heights receiving participation over 700 students
    and creating a new benchmark for the creativity shown by the participants.

  • In 2011, IT department successfully conducted TECSTASY 2k11, a two-day National Level Technical Symposium, September 22 and 23 with overall
    20 events and around 600 engineers took part in these events.

  • In 2010, TECSTASY 2k10, a two-day National Level Technical Symposium, conducted on engineers who participated in the symposium from across
    the country with an overall 21 events received a tremendous response with over 400.

  • In 2009, This event got great response from various colleges and conducted the events successfully.

  • In 2008, Many coding events were introduced to tecstasy and got a huge response from many nationalized institutions.

  • In 2007 the IT department saw the inception of Tecstasy as a separate event. A two-day National Level Technical Symposium, March 16-17, 2007,
    as part of the CBIT Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The various activities of the Symposium were COGNOS (Technical Paper Presentation), VITRUVIUS (Software Design Contest), D-BUG (Finding Programming Error), ACUITY (Technical Quiz), MEDHA (General Quiz), HEAT SINK (informal Events), and expert talks by eminent people, etc,. Forty-eight of the best technical papers were selected for presentation and publication in the proceedings of
    the Symposium out of 300 received technical papers from different states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.

  • In 2006, a two-day National Level Technical Symposium, March 9-10, 2006, a Work Shop on 'Robotics' been added, which received overwhelming response. More than 500 technical papers from different states of the nation like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc., were received, out of
    which 60 best papers were selected for presentation in the proceedings of the Symposium.


Student Co-Ordinators

Name : Ananya Annadatha

Phone: 8801187017

Name : Anjana Bytha

Phone: 9550767897

Name : Bhargav Reddy

Phone: 9652196536

Name : Chandrahas Reddy M

Phone: 8106564747

Faculty Co-Ordinators

Name : Ms B Veera Jyoti

Phone: 9618492835

Name : Mr. V Santhosh

Phone: 9030012209


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